I uploaded yesterday’s set to Mixcloud. So if you wanna listen again or if you missed it or whatever, here you go:

ISOLATION RAVE 19 – Certainly not Amphi Festival.

This weekend would have been Amphi Festival. Amphi Festival 2019 was a blast! Especially the Faderhead show. This festival is that once a year thing where I can meet some


Pondering about what to play on Saturday I had a look at what I played last Sunday. So here is the list. If you like to listen again check it

Isolation Rave: This is next.

In the post yesterday we talked about what the Covid-Crisis meant for us rather personally and for people close to us. How against the odds we somehow managed to wrestle

17 weeks of Isolation Rave

119 Days of Covid-19 It is 119 days ago to this day. I was sitting at home and still couldn’t fathom what people would do with all that toilet paper.

COVID19 is a shitshow. So is cancer

My dad has cancer. Leukemia. A couple of years ago they would have given him chemo and hoped for the best. But that’s not what happened. He got a targeted
Promotional Pricture for Isolation Rave 6

ISOLATION RAVE 666. Crossing the abyss.

Hi. We’re at it again. All day we carefully evaluated hundreds of the finest outrun, dance and rave tracks, but our vetting process is challenging even for the best. Only

Some more words on people trying to be cool.

OK. Imagine this: My friend Sami tells everyone about my very uncool event tomorrow and then people tell him he’s shitting on me. (Actually he now finds it funny to