17 weeks of Isolation Rave

119 Days of Covid-19

It is 119 days ago to this day. I was sitting at home and still couldn’t fathom what people would do with all that toilet paper. Remember that? Lockdown had started a week before and as I was beginning to understand that almost everything I enjoy doing would be out of reach for maybe a year. Sometimes I find my workweek challenging or draining and hopping on a train to wherever gets my head into a different space again and allows me to recover. I dreaded weekends I had no cool plan for. I would feel like wasting precious time, indulging a fear of missing out. From January to Lockdown I traveled 22000km according to Google location tracking. Since lockdown I left my city once. – If there is a thing that would have surprised me on that day, it would be that 119 days later I still didn’t feel like I missed out on much. And you, reading this, are likely a part of this conspiracy that took care of me in the past months.

Who ran the show? We did!

On this evening I felt lonely and I decided that if I can’t go out, I’ll party at home, play a DJ Set on a Saturday night, get drunk and stream my demise to the world to at the very least be pitied. That didn’t work out. My friend Sami stopped by on his way back home from his short forest retreat and we did the first one together. Couple of hundred people stopped by and pity became party. Even a week later when I did this again I didn’t feel alone and I really felt like I made others feel less alone, so I decided I found my lockdown hobby.

Tonight, 17 editions of ISOLATION RAVE later, I feel it is time to do a recap and see what happened, what changed, what helped, what didn’t and what to do next.

Good stuff that happened

  • The office of Belgium’s minister president of the German speaking minority, Oliver Paasch, helped me to import X during lockdown so we could isolate together. It’s quite interesting who gets back to you when you simply ask kindly. Some days later I wasn’t alone anymore.
  • We rearranged my place to accommodate our new hobby. No more couch in front of TV. We needed a dance-floor. A dining table in absence of visitors is useless so it became a studio desk and DJ booth.
  • I built an automatic watering system for my plants even though I knew i’d be unlikely to leave this summer.
  • I learned about streaming and MacOS audio routing so I became tech support for other streamers. I learned during the first shitshow streams. Because, yeah, it’s live, right? Shit breaks.
  • X got really damn good at DJing in a really short time. I really enjoy running through new release lists on beatport and the streaming services, and finding new stuff, and damn there is a lot of stuff to find.

But most importantly and paradoxically I got back in touch with people. I tried to put a spotlight onto some of these people by running interviews in The Global Uprising of the uncool, but figured that the effort was unsustainable, especially when doing it alone. – X had to head back to Antwerp and so I gave up after 4 issues. However, I read into biology, learned what NF-κB, how charity work is done, about DEF CON stories and about epic verse. I am still thinking about rebooting this in a slightly different way, but let’s get to that later.

We gathered 500 followers on twitch.tv from timezones between Moscow and Los Angeles and many of them came back pretty much every damn week, Saturday 2000CEST, 7pm Island Time. With dozens of them we are in contact in one way or the other, sent them postcards and other weird items. It’s sometimes hard to imagine how damn far these people are from each other.

So you see, this whole covid thing in some aspects went pretty well for me personally. It didn’t for a lot of other people. Other couples and friends were less lucky and are seperated even today. Some people’s livelihoods are still under threat, their health was impacted and some of us suffered grave losses. While most measures in Germany are lifted now even some of you reading this are in lockdown or other shit situations.

Isolation Rave made us feel less alone. Not being alone is a great thing to build upon.

We would like to thank you all for being with us on this journey. But since we are on it, I think we should talk about what else to do and how we can keep what we gathered where we can go next. I’ll talk about some issues and solutions for them tomorrow in the next post. Until then:


q2rg and the witch.