Kwork and the Witch

It’s a year ago. I figured I would be confined to my place for a while and I knew that all my plans are for the bin. You likely know what happened. I booted up IBS (Isolation Broadcast System) for the first time, running on my work computer, my phone and an old nexus4 I found in a drawer. I didn’t have a DJ controller so I rigged some old midi controller with broken knobs and ordered booze from Bezos and informed the world about my shit plan ➡️

Sami and JL dancing uncool.

This is what happened and it would continue to happen, every single damn Saturday, 2000h, no exception, to this day, almost one year later. While being 100% aware that this would be a long run I didn’t expect how long really. We thought each edition needs a name and a motto but at some point we ran out of energy to come up with this. X joined the DJ crew as my more or less permanent partner in crime and over the little mottos we learned what kind of sound we actually like to play. Sets became longer and more confident over time and X, not having even touched a deck before, became more resourceful than me. We tried running interviews with our audience and had amazing guests, among them a dev and security specialist, a leading systems biologist, an award winning sci-fi author and a madman on a mission to beat cancer. – Digging up the right questions and setting up the dates became an unsustainable effort though and we had to stop it after a couple of iterations. – Isolation Rave was there to stay and working from home, digging up new tracks during the week to play in the weekend, getting a new set ready and playing it became the rhythm of life. Over 57 shows we built a set archive of several thousand tracks, the percentage of new material every week was constantly between 20 and 50%. The tropical summer set for some reason made us members of an international pineapple death cult.

We continued running this. We did specials and joined shows with Karkasaurus and Biomechanimal, we contributed to the Paradise Lounge of the Chaos Communication Congress and we celebrated Halloween together. We had a guest performer, Vince the raving Nerd, and had Krischan from Rotersand over for coffee at an extra early breakfast set at 5am for the Panoptikon people in Dallas, Texas. We created drink recipes and ran the hardest  Christmas Rave post war generations remember with The Lord, Faderhead and Dancefloor Gladiators. Meanwhile Sami built the Ghost City Discord and gave our shared community over at Faderhead the com-platform they needed. We cracked 1000 followers on Twitch and made friends in close and in distant places.

Most importantly: we’re still here.

Today, one year after I announced the first edition of Isolation Rave, we know that this is still a long run. Vaccination coming in slowly, club and event scene against the wall without due help from the government, mutant variants emerging in open schools and open floor offices – ready to call the vaccines’ blades blunt, medical staff burned out while deniers are dancing in the streets of Munich to the inaction of the police, this all is not fuelling any optimism. It’s a rain of shit. What do we do when excrement is raining upon us? I will give you the Alchemist’s answer:


This is Nigredo and as alchemists it is our mission to continue fuelling the fire underneath our furnace. We know what to do! Yeah, you got this right, we will continue cooking crap until it is purified, until we see it crystallise, until we see the colours of the peacock’s tail emerging. For this, more patience is needed and some energy to run the effort. Our furnace is working well and as you can see, even during the past year it produced some gold. – It brought us new skills and experiences, new friends and new connections. I don’t know what the next year is going to bring, but I can reassure you, we will be there, we will keep going and fuel the fires until we get the gold we truly want.

Kwork and the Witch

So here is the plan:

We will broadcast on Saturday, 20th of March, the day of the Equinox. We will make some announcement and play whack music and you will get intoxicated with us. Will it be on the drinks? On art? On love? We don’t know, but we will intoxicate ourselves. So get ready. Order the drinks, and go all fancy. Get ready to dress up and dance, even if it you’re doing it at home. Alone. Again.

This time there might be special guests, cake, fancy drinks.

Q2RG and the Witch.

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