OK. Imagine this: My friend Sami tells everyone about my very uncool event tomorrow and then people tell him he’s shitting on me. (Actually he now finds it funny to send me pictures of turds because of that.)

Some people still have too much cool in their bloodstream that was relentlessly pushed onto them. Let’s not blame. Let’s explain.

I really think being cool sucks. Trying to be cool is, in about 93% of cases, the fig leaf behind which people hide that they are actually just giving in to peer pressure or “tradition”. Cool people don’t care for you, they are busy caring for not being perceived as weak or weird or vulnerable. I perceive being cool about something as showing off to be untouched by it. Like: I’m not freaking out about COVID, I’m not 80. I’m not freaking out about AIDS, it’s what the gays do. – But you know, the people that I love, that someone loves, they are 80, gay, survived cancer, work minimum wage. Like: I don’t need to dance naked, I’m cool with my needlessly boring existence where I devour myself in jealousy over those who do. Over those that have a selfie-stick and dare to use it. Over those that do something goddamn weird or hard or tedious or even ridiculous because it is something they genuinely enjoy.

I never fell in love with anyone cool.

That’s why I choose uncool people to hang out with. And logically I wouldn’t present anyone cool on an interview show. People that give shit or take no shit. Or at least have the indecency to send me pictures of turds.

Tomorrow, 7pm island time, 2000CEST
The global uprising of the uncool.
Guest: Simon Mitchell, Leading Scientist in a thing I have no clue about.

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