Isolation Rave 4: We are your friends

So this is crisis. Some of us already faced tragic loss and still, it is not like WW1 and nothing like the movies. Turns out we can’t send in some big dude with bigger guns to shoot the problem. We are so aware that insurrection or any fascist wet dream of civil war is totally useless, we do not even consider it. Suddenly people that hardly ever pose as lead characters in our stories are the underpaid and exploited heroes. Most of them women. Women, those people that of course originally existed to be rescued by aforementioned dude with the bigger guns. Those are at the front line. Or at the last line of defense. In the trenches.

Think about that. In crisis the common way to describe essential work uses metaphors from WW1, no matter how useless. Caring for someone, leaving more space to others, in metaphors that smell of blood and gun grease, as beacons for the broken narratives of a global death cult.

And on top of all that Resistanz was postponed.

In this cancelled year of our Lord 2020, I got in touch again with people I thought lost, with things I unlearned, and I am sure I am not alone in this. And that’s the point: not being alone. In isolation we touch base with our communities and start doing more of what we should have been doing all the time. – Stop losing ourselves in the war metaphors of a global death cult and rather celbrate these idiots we trust to get wasted with and those that care, those that make sure we have some space to breathe.

We are your friends.

Join us for the celebrations.

Saturday, 11.04.2020, 2000CEST 1900BST 1800GMT etc

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