Isolation Rave 3: Woodwinds of Jericho

When I once met Glen Matlock, Bass player of the Sex Pistols, in a Pub, I asked him whether he ever crowdsurfed a hotel room. After some discussion what exactly my question means I showed him a video from a Hotel room of mine. He watched it twice and than told me that the Sex Pistols were at all times able to afford own Hotelrooms for each of the Band’s Members. In this moment I understood, that Punk Rock was never as secular, as out of bounds, as classless as it was trying to convey. Behind its facade it was still the same burgeois simulation of freedom, this time camouflaged by some edgy looking dudes.

It seems to me that truly grassroot, communal, anti-classist art is only found in places where the means of production of that art are secularized to a point where everyone can join in and where these forms of art are part of the communal culture. Jeremy Deller understood that before me. – I think Jeremy found this quality in Brass bands and in Acid House, “two authentic forms of folk art rooted in specific communities” and he brought these two together in form of Acid Brass.

Since you and me and all the others reading this are part of a community quite similar to this, I find it fitting to honor this anti-classist notion by playing some minutes of brass music on my live stream.

Join me on Saturday, 04.04.2020 2000h CET (1900h GMT) on

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