Ok people. It sucks. Seriously. My social contacts since Faderhead left last week were:

  1. Jannis to hand him a weird holographic bag at his doorstep.
  2. The dude that sold me packs or ramen noodles.

Isolation is bad for me and I’m shit at being alone. Wednesday evening I was fuck done with everything and Thursday I was scatterbrained and unmotivated at (tele)work. The fact that I can’t even hang with my lover until this is all over makes me feel like putting the risk groups in a giant mixer and lick escalators, but this seems impolite and such.

So I feel like doing nothing at all, because everything is shit anyway, but guess what:

If I decide to do nothing, there is a 100% chance I will stay exactly as miserable as before.

So: I set up a twitch channel and so I will get myself intoxicated on twitch and learn about kopyright regulations. This time alone, for stupid reasons. Which is sad.

Which is why I again need to ask you for your support:

Since I’m alone I will integrate a zoom meeting into the stream. I need volunteers with apocalyptic outfits and awesome dance moves or at least a drink. Absolutely no toilet paper.

More in the evening,

-jl, straftanz.zk

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