Two weeks ago my beloved leader, NRW Ministerpräsident Armin Laschet, called us to take action to deliver:

The HARDEST CHRISTMAS post war generations ever experienced.


Two weeks ago I pledged to pump the bass louder, to christmas harder than anyone ever christmassed. To bury myself under mail order packages, to eat till I puke, to consume till I’m broke, to escalate the season of neighbourly love like never before.

At home. Alone.

Sadly even 2 weeks later Armin Laschet didn’t take much action on his own, his ridiculous statement is still a joke and today he rambled on television about parents needing to decide on weather they wanna send their kids to school on Monday. Since beloved leader Laschet isn’t doing much leadership I guess it’s upon us.

Do what we do and stay the fuck at home and christmas harder. Here is the Agenda:

  • Christmas home-drinking and witch house session on Friday, 25th of December
  • ISOLATION RAVE XXX, Saturday, 26th of December
  • Kworks Birthday Party, Sunday, 27th of December


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