Hi. Today at 10:55 we played the biggest industrial show in recorded history to millions of unsuspecting listeners, utilising the German national emergency signaling system. With the combined force of hundreds of sirens installed all over Germany, the drop could be heard in the whole of the country.

The dullard will say: “But that ain’t real!” We ask: What is so important about that reality you think you share with others not brighter than yourself? Whom does it help? What wrong does it heal? In this year 2020 we make a national emergency signal test into a rave party because we have no other choice. We heard frightened people ask: “Why do they have to trigger alarms in a year where everyone is on edge already?”

We answer: because 2020 is not exceptional. You remember when these people whined about their favorite actor dying in 2016 and blamed the year, mecury retrograde or whatever other shit they could find. Here is your reality: It’s getting worse. Earth will heat up. Pandemics will become more frequent and likely in your lifetime you will wish for this one back. This was expected.

We may need these sirens in working order because we know what’s coming.

What we need more than the sirens though is the will to make something from nothing and the resilience to go on. As long as we have a choice we must not make the dullard’s reality ours.

Do not cling to your normal. Move forward into the darkness with chaos in your heart so we still have hope for the birth of dancing stars.

-jl/kwork kawaii

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