Thank you.

Five more hours of 2020 and I couldn’t care less.

I will still write something about the past twelve months because celebrating new years is so deeply engrained in us and also because we’re in these darkest days of the year when we know for a fact that the days are getting longer and the light is coming back, even though we see little evidence for that in our everyday life.

For me 2020 was a good year. Crazy statement, right? Travels cancelled, shows cancelled, office cancelled, daily commute cancelled, social life cancelled, summer vacation cancelled.

So we cocooned, still hanging in the web of 24h newscasting, and it’s still upon us to decide on whether this is Chrysalis or whether we became somespider’s healthy snack.

I learned: My negative biases towards people are based on observable facts, no matter if it is about their neglect towards the wellbeing of their fellow humans, their misuse of power and position, their unwillingness to make even the slightest contribution to a common good as soon as they feel (not know!) that they are taking some sort of a disadvantage from that or ultimately that they will blame others rather than changing themselves in the slightest. I learned there is nothing that I can do about that.

I learned: My positive biases towards people are based on observable facts, no matter if it’s about people’s general willingness to learn, their strong wish to understand and to trust each other, their ability to accept even when they can’t understand. People are well capable to give their best when just the slightest change in their environment nudges them into growth. I learned that it is in mine and in anyone’s power to makes these changes.

All of the above is true at the same time, yet whenever I focused on the first set of learnings I felt powerless, weak and hurt. Whenever I focused on the second set of learnings I felt I had purpose, strength and happiness within my reach.

Don’t get this wrong. I am far away from selling you some law of attraction bullshit. I know how hard this year was on most of us, how someone without my background, privilege and luck will be impeded in ways unimaginable to most of us reading this. I know the potential weight of demons sitting on our chests when we are just trying to get up and still:

I believe it is this, that will make the better part of the decision of wether the cocoon we live in is made to keep us a fresh snack for the spiders or whether this is Chrysalis. The best possible new years’ resolution is implied.

Tonight I’d like to thank everyone that continuously helped me to focus on the stuff that makes me feel purpose- and powerful.

X. More than anything else. Swami Sami. Krischna Eric Wesenberg. Kai. Hilger. Damien Horst. Weinkeller Meike. Barbz Black. Hannes. Jenthe. Vince. Leya. D. Bob. Holgraaaaa. Neen. Esme. Tim. Luke. Kate. Cathrin. Kevin. Ryan. Veeeeeee. Adrian. Kate. The Lord. Riam. Jannis. Simon. Countess. Ollie. Elena. Mark. Matt. Emma. Danny. Torrie. Irina. Elsa. The ghosts of Ghost City. 920 Twitch followers and You.


Two weeks ago my beloved leader, NRW Ministerpräsident Armin Laschet, called us to take action to deliver:

The HARDEST CHRISTMAS post war generations ever experienced.


Two weeks ago I pledged to pump the bass louder, to christmas harder than anyone ever christmassed. To bury myself under mail order packages, to eat till I puke, to consume till I’m broke, to escalate the season of neighbourly love like never before.

At home. Alone.

Sadly even 2 weeks later Armin Laschet didn’t take much action on his own, his ridiculous statement is still a joke and today he rambled on television about parents needing to decide on weather they wanna send their kids to school on Monday. Since beloved leader Laschet isn’t doing much leadership I guess it’s upon us.

Do what we do and stay the fuck at home and christmas harder. Here is the Agenda:

  • Christmas home-drinking and witch house session on Friday, 25th of December
  • ISOLATION RAVE XXX, Saturday, 26th of December
  • Kworks Birthday Party, Sunday, 27th of December