Yes, this is happening:


Straftanz is dead. It died at Resistanz on Good Friday 2014. Western theology generally supports the notion that what dies on Good Friday will come out of some hole on

Poetry Slam

Yeah, we actually did this. We read industrial lyrics without the music, without the movie samples we went down to the semantic core. You can check out this episode of


62 weeks, every damn Saturday. We didn’t feel it anymore. When you don’t feel you don’t do it. – It is time time to pause, to rethink and to reconnect.
Kwork and the Witch


It’s a year ago. I figured I would be confined to my place for a while and I knew that all my plans are for the bin. You likely know

Thank you.

Five more hours of 2020 and I couldn’t care less. I will still write something about the past twelve months because celebrating new years is so deeply engrained in us


Two weeks ago my beloved leader, NRW Ministerpräsident Armin Laschet, called us to take action to deliver: The HARDEST CHRISTMAS post war generations ever experienced. Two weeks ago I pledged
Pumpkin with Ghost City Logo

One must always be drunk.

What a Night. Never before did we get as many people dancing and being utterly uncool on our Zoom Channel as yesterday. You crazy people made us go for an

We played the biggest industrial show in recorded history.

Hi. Today at 10:55 we played the biggest industrial show in recorded history to millions of unsuspecting listeners, utilising the German national emergency signaling system. With the combined force of