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Jörg Lütkemeier
Ahstr. 14
45879 Gelsenkirchen
Telefon: +49 178 5214188
E-Mail: jl@straftanz.de

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  1. Malic says:


    I would like to request the opportunity to open for you when you come to the northeast in December. Is there an opener opportunity on your bill? Thank you for your time.

  2. Tom Norris says:

    Thank you for coming to Boston. I really like the chainsaw synthesizer! 😀 Cheers!

  3. I saw you guys last night @ the Orpheum, Tampa, opening for VNV Nation. Your show was amazing, lots of energy on stage, had a blast! please come back anytime!!!!!

  4. Hello! Great show at the Necto last night. It was good to meet you both, Jorg and Kai. I wrote my friends in London (Lucia and Mark who run EBM Fanatics) and they both give greetings. I am one of the North American administrators for the EBM Fanatics site. I was supposed to attend the Resistanz Festival next month in England (I understand you wil be playing) but unfortunately had to cancel so I will miss you seeing you again but perhaps again soon. Keep putting out the great music and we will keep putting out the word.

    Thank you for coming to Michigan!!

    Amy Rostollan (MiZ AmyKins)

  5. Jeff Day says:

    I would like the Deutsch lyrics to Die Neue F-Klasse. Danke!

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Jörg.

    Love your music & videos.

    Also love the “Engrish” on this website, but you need to get a native English speaker to proof-read.

    [Your English is better than my German. I speak other languages very poorly 🙁 ]