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You need to know the Basics of our revolutionary Action? Here you will find the things that are most important. We strongly encourage you to read this if you are going to interview us. Whatever, klick the links below to jump to the topic:

Press Sheet
Pressetext Deutsch
Anouncement “Forward Ever


We are Straftanz. We scream freedom, yet we are unfree. We are people without morale and discipline, yet you adore us when we sagaciously state the wrong. We are the soft concrete that offers good rest for your weary brains. We piss on graves to show you that parables are sometimes parabolic. We do not care for the cave paintings on the faces of the elitists. We set words to march in rows and hide explosives in between them. We know that hand that held the chisel, but that does not mean that those words engraved in stone still have meaning for us. We steal from the strong, because we know: It is not about where you take it but about where you take it to. We feel part of a culture that is not “sub”, but we do not feel rotten enough to drop any dogma without second thoughts. The elite tremble in fear, even though they still have no idea what we hung up above their heads. We are not crazy, not wise, not original, not ironic and we are not abstract. But we will drown your Hierarchies in sweat. Get ready.

Mainstream. Sellout. Overground.

Press Sheet 2008

There is no reason to explain what is right to shallow minded people. We have been over-exhausted. Our Club Culture does not exist on behalf of the Know-It-Alls, or these so called “Experts”; it is due to the people on location, the people in the club who attend the events and live gigs. Those that found themselves to be prisoners to the deadlock, that debunked all the false promises of a brighter future. Have you been haunted the fear of your clubs being shut down? Are you completely fed up?
Relax. Prepare. Straftanz is only the beginning.
Don’t just sit there admiring your records like trophies. Build a social network! Discover fresh locations! Find DJs who can actually mix, and risk playing new material! Discover the type of people who want to punish the dancefloor with the right beats. For these people will command authority!
Organize the dancefloors! Deploy the Straftanz!

Pressetext Deutsch 2008

Es hat keinen Zweck, den falschen Leuten das Richtige zu erklären. Das hat man lange genug gemacht. Unsere Clubkultur haben wir nicht den Schwätzern, den Allesbesser-Wissern und Seit-Immer-Experten zu verdanken, sondern denen die draußen sind, die vor Ort sind, jenen in den Clubs, den Diskotheken, bei den Partys, Events und Konzerten. Also denen, die die Tat sofort begreifen können, weil sie selbst Gefangene des Stillstands sind. Die auf das ganze Geschwätz nichts geben können, weil es ohne Folgen und Taten geblieben ist. Die, die alle Zukunftsversprechen als Lügen entlarvt und nur noch Angst vor der Schließung ihres Clubs haben. Die es satt haben!
Entspannt euch. Seid bereit. Straftanz ist nur der Anfang.
Sitzt nicht auf dem Sofa herum und zählt eure CDs, wie kleinkarierte Krämerseelen. Baut soziale Netzwerke auf, kriegt raus, wo die frischen Clubs sind und die guten Partys und DJs, die tatsächlich mixen können und es riskieren neues Material zu spielen. Entdecke dort jene, die nur darauf warten, mit den richtigen Beats in die Fresse zu schlagen. Die werden die Führung übernehmen.

Die Tanzflächen organisieren. Den Straftanz entfalten.



Who exactly is behind Straftanz?

We have no idea why some people keep stressing that one. Straftanz is not about people and faces, for they are dust and shadows. Straftanz is about the the scene, about the dancefloor, about the People that attend the Events. It is about the Idea that the scene happen in Front of the Stage, not on Stage. Name shift the focus away from music towards pop-culture. Those, that need to know, know anyway.

What does the word Straftanz mean?

This one is verbosely answered here: http://straftanz.de/?p=2229.

Where are you from?

We originate and feel home inside the Ruhr industrial area in the deep west of Germany.

Are you on these social networks?

Yes. We frequently use Facebook and Twitter. Please follow now. We do not encourage to contact us via Myspace. Myspace is dead.

I need to talk to you. How can I do that?

Best way is to write us an E-Mail. Write to info@straftanz.de. Do not hesittate we do not bite.

Why do you hate the Ashbury Heights so much?

We don’t. We believe them to make quite nice Synthpop, we are OK with that. We did not like that amazingly stupid ranting about the scene’s obscurity, bad labelwork and so forth. We felt attacked by the notion that this scene we feel to part of, is a some kind sub-par and no-future thing. We disagree. And we stand up for what we like.

Why does everybody say that you are a Rotersand Sideproject?

We have no Idea. Straftanz will do things Rotersand would never dare and the other way around. Rotersand shares with Straftanz about as much as XP8, [:SITD:], Kreator, The Fair Sex or several others do: We share ideas, equipment and a good relationship. Straftanz is no ones Sideproject. Straftanz is revolution. We will not discuss that one any further.

Is this serious or are you doing this for fun?

This is goddamn serious. We would not give such an amount of time and energy into a project we do not consider to be serious. We are on a mission, we are here to make our point. And believe us, we have lots of fun doing so.

I seriously would like Straftanz to play at our club or festival. What shall I do now?

Immediately contact our booking agency NeuWerk.

K-X communinates with me by paranormal means and wants me to behave silly. What should I do?

Go and see a Doctor. Do it now. Really. You almost definitly have some kind of serious medical problem and really should do something about it.

I am working for a Webradio, Online Magazine or similiar. Where do I get promotional material and information?

Please contact us directly via E-mail.

I believe I am a Musician and I would like to be remixed by Straftanz. What are the conditions?

We believe that Remixing is integral Part of Dance Culture. Therefore Straftanz will Remix if we can afford the required time. In most cases Straftanz will want to receive a remix in exchange or lots of money.

I have some further Questions, how can we get in touch?

Do not hesitate to write to info@straftanz.de. Do not expect us to answer anytime soon, we are ignorant. Still you should try, you might even get what you ask for.

Anouncement of the Release “Forward Ever”.

Comrades, Revolutionaries, Nominal Members!

On Friday the 13th of June Phase 1 of the Dancefloor Liberation Movement ends. With the Release of our Album “Forward Ever” Straftanz is going to set a landmark. This is not the goal of our efforts and this is not the end of our Action. It is merely a staging area for the great march to come. Since the weekend of Whitsun in Leipzig, we know that our campaign is not to be ignored any more. The know-it-alls are afraid now, because they know, their credibility is lost. They announced to come in order to see “who in the world wants to see THAT”. They wanted to place their derisiveness and malice at us, but they did not get to see what they expected. They saw what we all showed them: The fire of the Future in a thousand Eyes! Angry Fists raised toward the ceiling! The Idiots they expected where nowhere to be seen. Now they know that they can not continue as they did, because now it is our turn.

Dance will no longer be vertical expression of horizontal desire. It will be for its own sake and nothing more. “Forward Ever” will bring the Soundtrack to that notion. The March towards the future is not to be done alone. We are not afraid, for giants are among us. Myk Jung of “The Fair Sex”, Miland Petrozza of “Kreator” and Carsten Jacek with [:SITD:] allowed us through their support to record an album as unique as our followers.

We see the world at its abyss. Despair has become a good that is easy to be sold, because it not only enables us to flee from our responsibility. It also is unjustified. Together we are better than that. We will once more give the Dancefloors shape and form, we will slash away the old plunder, drive the people of yesterday in their corner and remove the know-it-alls from a culture that is no longer their own.

Praise the Panic. Forward ever. Backward never.

Straftanz ZK




3 comments to “Information and Interviews”

  • Patricia, 29 Sep ’11 at 20:15


    ich schreib mal lieber auf Deutsch, weil mein Englisch mehr schlecht als recht ist.

    Was ich sagen wollte:

    Ich habe euch in Köln von VNV gesehen und war mehr als nur begeistert. Die Stimmung war genial, eure Musik der Hammer.Leider muss ich gestehen, dass ich euch vorher nicht kannte. Aber, sobald es mir wieder möglich ist, werde ich mir von Euch auf jeden Fall CD`s zulegen. Danke für den tollen….nein MEGAGENIALEN Abend, zu dem ihr viel beigetragen habt. Danke!!!! Macht weiter so.

    Viele Grüße und vorallem viel Glück für eure Zukunft.

    • -jl-, 12 Oct ’11 at 03:53

      Vielen Dank! Wir halten diese Seite in englischer Sprache damit wir möglichst viele Leute erreichen, bisher war unser Thema im Ausland immer stärker als daheim. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn wir uns mal bei einer weiteren Show sehen. Sag dann einfach mal “Hallo!”

  • Valeria, 12 Dec ’11 at 16:39

    I loved you guys in Philadelphia, PA, USA when you opened for VNV Nation on December 10, 2011! I wish you guys the best of luck and I hope fo see you guys come back in the USA again!