Tour and Release.

You already know about that, but up until now we did not announce it here: We did it. We finally finished our second Studio Album “Mainstream, Sellout, Overground”.  Some of our favorite DJs already put the new material out for real world testdrives and we can tell you that the new stuff works brilliantly.  More than that we are proud and happy that our friends from VNV Nation once more give us the opportunity to present the stuff we do to a broader audience: After we successfully conquered the United Kingdom two years ago, we will this time follow the mighty VNV Nation on its central European Tour leg. More than that we will also join them for our first ever visit to the overseas. This year, we will escalate the dance floors of the United States of America and Canada for the very first time. Check out the dates!

As you can imagine this is going to get pretty exciting. We are looking forward to meet you out there and you can be sure about one thing: We will not suck.


-jl-, straftanz.zk


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  • Truckfighter, 22 Aug ’11 at 02:54

    Don’t forget: Ronan is built like a truck!