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Das Bunker: “Choice of a New Generation”

Brian Graupner once stated: “You make a mixtape, you put the best song first.” Now look at that:

Das Bunker “Choice of a New Generation”
1. Straftanz – Looking for Freedom
2. God Module – Round and Round
3. Northborne – No Sleep till Brooklyn
4. HexRx – Living on Video
5. FGFC820 – We Don’t Need No World War III
6. Gentleman Junkie – When I Hear Music
7. Modcom feat. Leæther Strip – Native love
8. Sars feat. Amanda Jones – Two of Hearts
9. Combichrist – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
10. Assemblage 23 – Don’t Change
11. Continues – Perfume Garden
12. System Syn – A New England
13. SD6 – As The End Draws Near
14. iVardensphere – The Dogs of War

Got it? Really got it? You think you really got it? You didn’t. Now go and buy that crap here and be among the ones who know. Or come to one of our shows. Get enlightened.



  1. Morri says:

    The audio snippets sounded like fun! Liked what I heard. Not sure if that shops ships to Europe though. Nothing in the FAQ there. But I see it will be on iTunes as well.

  2. Morri says:

    Can’t find it anywhere on iTunes. Is it delayed or am I just blind? 0.o