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Straftanz mit Nation. The Aftermath.

Comrades, Revolutionaries, Nominal Members,

as good travelers we at Straftanz never had fixed plans and never had any interesst in arriving somewhere. Neither did I. This little tour of ten days with VNV-Nation and Ayria might have been our greatest travel so far and I have no idea where exactly it brought us to. Still I am not interested in where I am, as I am ignorant towards the concept of positions in that particular manor. Instead of thinking about were the road Straftanz travels might lead us, I prefer to celebrate the things I learned on that journey.
I learned how to live on a bus with twelve people and one toillet. I ate a deep fried mars bar in scotland and learned how scotch is meant to be drank. I had hot chocolate in Belgium, ate pizza that was more italian than Italy itself and had cocktails in Antwerp’s finest cocktail bar. I learned about the importance of food and drinks for me in general and that culture is perceived at best when it got swallowed.

 I learned most spiffing new words and met most interresting people, most of them for a moment too short. I learned how it feels like to be in a place where I knew almost no one but almost everyone knew me. Even the search for food at four in the morning in a foreign city can not be more surreal than that. I learned how much a city can change within nine years. Today’s Sheffield seemed to me like a Sheffield 2.0 compared to the one I remember from the nineties. At the Slimelight I learned, that my Tequila Trauma is finally over and what it’s like to be kissed by Mark Jackson. I learned even more about the amazing toughness auf our singer and shouter, about his quality of never giving up and about his stubborness alike. I could not image anyone else at the center of our stage. Also I learned how much I can miss Jings presence on stage and learned his true meaning for the integrity of this project because we were forced to do this without him on the UK Shows. It is not the same without him. However. We grew and once more we were confirmed that we are doing the right thing and travel in the right direction without having any idea where we might arrive. 

For all these things I would like to say thank you to each and everyone making all this and more possible and to everyone beeing involved. First and foremost these are Ronan, Mark and Peddy for being courageous or ignorant enough to let us join the VNV-Nation tour. Everyone here at Straftanz is sure you did the right thing. I would like to thank Ayla, David, Daisy and Peter for a most splendid day in Antwerp. Hanging out in your beautiful city almost feels like home. Jennifer for the amazing pink tape. Mike for feeling bugged. I wish the world would be full of people like you. Gab for the Jelly Babies. Sebastian for his revenge on the world and for das Bus.  Diana and Tobias (with true love) for the constant support and everything. Jana (with even more love) for everything. Ingo for the space invaders, LED mice and that patchcable. Michael for not letting me touch anything. Volker for the second shot. Revolution by Night. You know why. The crews and security people from the venues we traveled, especialy Simon from London. All of you were simply amazing. Well, maybe except for some “get out” shouting bollocks at the scala. But I don’t mind.

Finally I would like to say thank you to our most excellent Audience: Mariann for helping me out with my stuff and for the charming company on day zero. That guy at the Slimelight and that most lovely girl with him. I lost your names but i still say thank you for the tequila and for the end of my trauma. Army is over at last and you did that. Also I’d like to thank all the other people at the slimelight whose names I lost. Case of you people read this, please remove these blind spots. Heidi and her company for being the energy hotspot in sheffield’s crowd. Lara, Katie and these people that sigend my book unreadable for enriching my english language in most spiffing ways.

 Basically I need to thank the whole crowd of Sheffield for their kindness and their full force despite the fact that we needed a chair for doing that gig.  Norman, Fiona, Angela and the glowstick junkies from Glasgow for simply beeing there. It really would have been difficult without you. The cyberred Mark  for joining us on stage once again. We love you. Laura for the 1up, it truly helped. Luise for being beloved and for showing of with that. Also I would like to thank that guy that also signed unreadable. By the way, next BK after next BK is on me. Sylvie and Richard for getting in, despite all difficulties. I was happy to see you.  Normann (the one with two n) and the other Richard from Birmingham. The loudest scream of Birmingham, front right. Fiona, Sarah and Jenny for signing. Vicki for the lovely conversation. We constantly repeat: People like you are the driving force behind this project. You are the reason and the cause.

We are no one.

Bassdrum is the law.


PS.: Please take a look at the final tour photo collection. You will like it. Obey.


4 comments to “Straftanz mit Nation. The Aftermath.”

  • Mark Bartholomew (CyberRED), 29 Oct ’09 at 14:53

    As always guys, it was a true pleasure to rock out onstage with you again. Thankfully, my old high school German isn’t rusty enough to make me forget lyrics 😉
    Looks like I’ll be bopping around on tour myself next year so I’m sure our paths will cross again. It may be YOUR turn to get up onstage with me, ha ha!

    All the best,


  • procul lacrima, 2 Nov ’09 at 20:41

    Hi there,
    just wanted to say *Hello* to Jürgen. Best DJ of the HADES ;o)) Wish you all the best. Regards from Bocholt, AS

  • Normann (with two n's), 2 Nov ’09 at 22:00

    just want to say that you guys rocked in birmingham and i hope you can get into our neck of the woods again in the future. keep that bassdrum beating…

  • Paul, 29 Dec ’09 at 06:02

    It certainly was a fantastic gig at the islington academy and meeting you afterwards was a genuine pleasure, educating me about the german scene and all that : p hope to see you in the uk again soon Jürgen.