Straftanz München. Debriefing.

Pictures from the Backstage Club.

This was our last gig for some time. For the first time since 2007 our schedule is empty. As this gig at the Backstage Werk in munich was a huge success we can say, that this is exactly the way how a series should end.

The audience in Munich was awesome, the promoter did some epic work there. We can not stress it enough how important people like Sconan are for the whole scene, for the whole subculture. Without people like him and his fantastic Black Painting Crew nights like that simply would not happen. We would like to thank them for their great work, for their kindness and for the sausages. People, what we got here was a top quality festival evening for free. This is a one in a million event and wereally do apreciate that.
We would like to thank all the people that partied along, that danced, that screamed, that entered our stage. We would like to thank each and everyone that understood our spirit and made that evening unique. We would like to express our respect for our Colegues of !Distain and Absurd Mind and would like to thank them their patience and kindness. We were happy to share a stage with those. Finally we would like to thank our special friends from austria, for the wodka, for all the fun, simply for beeing there.
Despite the fact, that our live video crashed with a dreaded BSOD, we had a great show, a great night and a great stay. We added some visual content for proof.  Take a good look at Jana’s photos.