What is this industrial after all? (Click here for answers!)

Today our friends over at side-line provided us with idiocy once more and I can’t even blame them.

The experiment was highly effective: Post a  Myspace picture circa 2009 and ask people whether they are annoyed by the Cyber Goth youngsters depicted. The fact that one of the two people in the photo is actually one of the most popular DJs of the Japanese Industrial scene and a Tokio Decadence regular is not important. Despite that many of the scathing comments stem from a feeling of envy towards the adorable Casandra Lee, it would be fair to say that this was the general theme…

This leaves us with three pressing questions that I will try to answer right away.

1. Is Klaus right?


Let’s assume Klaus is talking about a guy in horrible clothes whose gender is pretty difficult to determine. Add a girl in strange attire and he might as well talk about Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, founding member of Throbbing Gristle, singer of Psychic TV – a first generation industrial artist who’s got himself breast implants in order to transform himself into a pan-gender being. Likely not welcome at your fucked up, EBM Elitists meetings. Seriously: You think one can’t be  “industrial” when looking weird, transgender or colourful? Not dark enough?  Not grown up enough? Really? If that’s your point you are among those reactionary twats every decent human being should rise up against, because you despise everything that doesn’t fit into any of your convenient little boxes you are so fond of. I think you’d do yourself a favor if you’d try to sodomize yourself, it would serve as a handy check to see whether you are still capable of feeling anything down there. You succeeded in getting through the trials of adolescence only to end up as judgmental as your grandparents or the other people you hopefully rebelled against at some point. We can make you angry by showing you a pretty girl in stupid clothes? Congratulations! You are the enemy now.

2. Does it even matter whether Klaus is right or not?


And that’s because none of the projects, most people count as “industrial music” and “REAL industrial music” have anything to do with SPK’s profound social criticism,  neither with Throbbing Gristle’s challenging sound and most importantly have nothing to do with the avantgarde spirit of those late 70s and early 80s projects. Even more so it doesn’t even matter if they’d do something similar, because it has already been done before. Shocking people with something that has been done before is comparable to a haunted house theme park ride- a ‘b grade’ horror movie. And then even on top of all that, do we even want to have unbearably challenging music at our club dance floors? Do we really want to think about WW2 and the Zodiac Killer when we actually went out to get drunk or drugged or laid or all of these  at the same time? Do we want to be “industrial”? Do we really like to see someone extracting a sheep’s brain from its skull with a spoon on stage? I doubt that.

3. So what is it with this industrial thing after all?

Ask yourself. For me it is this: I am in this scene due to people that do not give in to norms surrounding them. I met people like religious biologists, chaos mages, party animals, poetic terrorists, a girl that reprogrammed an industrial laser cutter to do scarification on herself, beautiful train wrecks and freaks. I keep them close as these are heroes for me. “A gallery of forebears, heroes who carried on the struggle against bad consciousness but still knew how to party, a genial gene pool, a rare and difficult category to define, great minds not just for Truth but for the truth of pleasure, serious but not sober, whose sunny disposition makes them not sluggish but sharp, brilliant but not tormented.” as Bey would have described them.

With these people I will destroy ivory towers, flatten hierarchies and fuck things up. We are here as we have a noble vision of a good life, an idea of living free, of speaking up, of shouting, screaming and raving until we can’t.

In the following weeks we shall demonstrate what that actually means.

God fuck you all.





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