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168 hours. We still want you.

I was astonished. I didn’t really expect anything to happen, as the idea for this was very much a shot in the dark and felt pretty much far out. On the far out part we were actually wrong.

After we asked people to apply for an internship at our project two weeks ago, we got quite a bunch of applications, the first of these just about an hour after the post. What was even more surprising is, that most of the applicants were way more skilled than we expected. With one or two of them I’d actually be willing to work on one of their projects. Everyone at Straftanz and Studio 600 is more than happy about that. However in the discussion that was going on the social networks we figured that some little thing was going wrong:

Some people obviously didn’t apply because they were under the impression of not being qualified for this.

Because of that I decided to clarify about what we are looking for:

We do not really need people with certain skills. To be the right person for this you do NOT need to play an instrument. You do NOT need to have any sort of experience in creative or artistic work. All the professional skills to drive this project are already here. Even more so, our valued friends from XP8 and Surgyn talked with us about supporting this idea.

What we are actually looking for are people that like to try. If you think this would be cool and you have no idea how to contribute: Apply! We want you! Most people involved in Straftanz had no Idea about a project as such when we started this of. We never rehearsed. We went out to break it. Failure is always part of our process. Where we succeeded we did because we were not afraid to try. So: This is not about what you think you can contribute. This is about whether you like to break out and do something you never did before. Let us worry about the details. This is the opportunity to work on a small piece of art that will actually be used for something and will have an audience.

So once again: If you like to do this, drop us a message. If you don’t: help us to spread the word about this. We think it’s worth it. Send your application and questions NOW to jl@straftanz.de

-jl-, straftanz.zk




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