t f u m y r

We want you. For 168 hours.

STRAFTANZ offers a 7 day internship/work experience.

We are Straftanz. We are a collective of artists mainly based in the Ruhr Area. Our body of work is about the love of opposition, poetic terror and sub-cultural reflection. Our tools of the trade include, but are not limited to photography, video production, unauthorized displays of nudity, performance art, computer science and music production. We traveled across 14 countries on 2 continents and spread our idea of post industrial dance music worldwide. We touch hearts, open minds and get people angry. Since 2007, We have been escalating everything.

This is not your chance for a career. This is about a seven-day-journey away from contemporary anesthesia. A week of busy unemployment. A chance to express yourself. This is about art.

We offer

an unlimited supply of coffee, a clean bed (if required), food at our table and an open space for ideas. We will work together on a project regarding the third Straftanz cycle. For this, we will use whatever skill you would like to bring in.

Your work

may include public annoyances, song writing, hugging trees, stage performances, making coffee, yelling at people and things, painting, programming and practicing magick. Whatever you will do, document the experience in blog posts on this web page.

We expect

that you have read and understood all of the above easily. You have a noble vision of a good life. You want to do something creative and you are not afraid to behave silly. Or you at least want to learn how to stop being afraid of being silly. You can function on less than 6 hours of sleep per night, You can do basic things with a computer and you are not afraid to operate any other type of technical equipment. You like dance music and you are willing to leave all kinds of genre related dogma behind. Mediocrity is something that is just not for you.

So this is it. It’s about you, about us and about the art. Since we learned that it’s only us that matters and we do not care for the others.

Apply now via Email.




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