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Manifesto for Mayhem: Escalated House Visits

Musicians should pay house visits to their fans in order to escalate their dwelling spaces.

Feel your intellectual musings on Facebook aren’t getting through to your crowd? Scared your MP3s aren’t ricocheting off the walls loudly enough? Petrified your precious groupies are slipping into mundanity? Feel your cyber is lacking the men? How do you truly capture the hearts and minds of your flock?

The solution is simple: GO TO THEIR HOUSES AND ESCALATE THEM. Take photos of everything like a tourist on speed. Dribble techno froth on their carpet. Throw slabs of magic cake at one another. Booze up and riot.

The only way to inspire true passion in your legion is not just to bombard them with digital blips, but to impose your analogue flesh on their residences. Sneak in through their windows, slither through their letterboxes and scuttle down their chimneys. Pogo on their beds to the beat of the bass drum and infect them with enthusiastic escalation.

How can you touch their hearts if your fist isn’t groping around inside their rib cage? How can you touch their minds if you’re not inserting your appendages into their head cavities?

Just remember: the key to enhanced success is fun. The key to fun is escalation.


– KT Grape, Squishy Llama.



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