t f u m y r

A quick note on the escalation of everything.

It is not enough to look at it. It is not enough to join in the song and raise the hands. It is not enough to be someone, or to have a name. Escalation does not mean to be where the action is. Escalation is the action and the reason. Nobody is even allowed to blame anyone when the parties are slow, when inspiration does not occur, when culture stops to evolve.
We are fed up with the eunuchs that ramble in web forums, magazines and social networks on how bad things are. They supposedly know how it works, but people without balls are unable to fuck things up royally, not even if they had a dick.*

We are here to fuck things up and so are you.We are not meant to reduce ourselves to nostalgia; neither for a perfect future , nor for a supposedly legendary past. We can not struggle for something we do not yet know. Without direction there is no revolution. Still the absence of revolution does not rule out insurgence.

Insurgence is about to come. Get ready.

-jl-, straftanz ZK.


* OF COURSE Elena is right:  Ones that have balls can fuck up things royally even if they have no dick.