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Every movement that aims to grow bigger needs Landmarks. Our appearance at the SPKTRO Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz was definitely one of them. Not only the enthusiasm of the promoters and staff were beyond believe, the audience and that whole fucked up Helldorado was just like we would have wished for. We told you that our culture not does not exist on behalf of the Know-It-Alls, or these so called “Experts”; it is due to the people on location, the people we met in Gasteiz. These are the people that force our culture, that do not bow down when things get difficult, that do not care in wich region they live in. Those that will take controll, those that will command authority in our movement.  That do not wait for the action, for they are the action. Seeing that, our ideas and the faith in our mission was reinforced once more. We found allies and friends in region we never traveled before and in places we expected such people the least. And this truly is a another landmark we reached.

Speaking of allies. Straftanz already sent out the first remix kits to a bunch of promising artists and amateurs.  One localized Version seems to be near completion; it looks like Austria will be the first region that is going to finish a new straftanz. The rough preview sounds nice and promising, we hope for some excellent austrian lyrics on that. We also found some people from Australia, Belgium, and severall spanish territories that seem to be capable of spreading our efforts. Still we need more players in this game, so we would like to point out our offer once more: Contact us for the Remix Kit. We do not need names, we need mixes. We need people supporting their local clubscene. You love your club? Give it a monument, create that special straftanz for your region, for your club, for your place, for your comunity. You are the movement. There is no one else that will do what is nescessary. So take action.

Organize the dancefloors, deploy the straftanz!

-jl-, straftanz ZK.