A Tour in Pictures.

30000 miles traveled. Hearts touched. Minds opened. Spirits agitated. Dancefloors escalated. Bullshit resisted. We got things broken and fixed. We touched ground in almost every major city of the US. This was a travel of a lifetime. We were happy to meet you. This is not the last time our paths crossed. This was just the beginning, and this is how a beginning should look like:


4 comments to “A Tour in Pictures.”

  • Lauren Sasha, 2 Apr ’12 at 01:11

    Jörg, where are the other Nashville pictures…? I know there are more, cause I was looking gods awful in at least one of them and my tattoo you photographed is now finished. I know Nashville’s pretty blah, but still… I’d at least like to see how bad I looked.

    • -jl-, 2 Apr ’12 at 01:24

      Yes, there are more pictures, but I fumbled with the camera and they turned out rather blurry. I’ll send them via email if that’s ok?

  • Lauren Sasha, 2 Apr ’12 at 01:31

    That would be just perfect! Most of the pictures taken that night wound up blurry on my end too, oh well! Thank you! I see the sleep is still escaping you too, total arse.

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