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The Backdrop Auction is on!

As some of you my already know, the Backdrop Auction is on NOW and the first bids are in. Check it out here now:


In context of the Auction we’d like to give you some additional information on the Items we are talking about.

History of the Banners.


These Backdrops came a long way. They helped us to make 35 Stages our own even before the second US Tour leg started. To illustrate the travels of these Banners we’d like to show you some Maps. As you can see, the European Tour routing wasn’t exactly what one might think to be effective. The first leg of the US tour was much different. The road from the west- to the east coast of the United States was pretty much straight forward in contrast to the quite adventurous routing  of the european tour. Insanely long travels like Vienna to Paris are setting in Landmarks regarding the endurance and capability of the REDCAR Crew. Also Eli, our driver on the American tour faced tremendous challenges. On this long travel our Backdrops occupied some legendary Stages, among them places like the Showbox in Seattle, the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia,the Backstage Werk in Munich, Germany, the wonderful Le Divan du Monde in Paris, just close to the Moulin Rouge and directly at Mont Matre and finally the Große Freiheit 36 in Hamburgs legendary red light district, where the Beatles touched ground of a German Stage for the very first time.


The main artwork for this cycle of Straftanz is based in the work of  Düsseldorf, Germany  based designer Diana Merk. Inspired by Damien Hirst’s internationally recognized Icon “For the love of God”, Diana succeeded  to create an antithesis of Hirst’s work by exchanging platinum and diamonds with the most profane materials of popcorn and plastics. Perfectly fitting on the notion of giving the name “Mainstream Sellout Overground” for an album of an rather unpopular and polarizing Independent project Diana’s skull became an icon perfectly fitting our Project.



The Material

Theses Banners are certified to be B1 class fireproof accornding to DIN 4102 and therefore save for usage on stages, clube venues and the like.