t f u m y r


Comrades, we’d like to announce and to remember that STRAFTANZ is going to appear on these Festivals:

1. 7-8.04.2012 Resistanz 2012, Sheffield.


We return to celebrate our personal highlight of this year’s festival season at the Corporation, Sheffield. Most people know about our very much special relationship to this magic place and we promise to deliver full escalation.  We will hang out there for the full distance and our advice is to do the same.


2. 14.04.2012. The Vampire Party Live Edition. Antwerp.

Together with GRENDEL, NACHTMAHR, MODULATE, TERROLOKAUST, SKYLA VERTEX and DETROIT DIESEL we will celebrate the home of the Swarm and honour the amazing work of Mr. Hive. Do not dare to miss this!




3. 28.07.2012. Summer Darkness 2012. Utrecht.

We are almost regulars on that one, as Artists and as guests. Utrecht is a perfect place for this splendid party weekend, and it is in some way our projects birthplace. This year we return proudly to a place where everything started for us.