We decided to sell three items which share a history. They traveled far on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Until the end of this tour they will have occupied the stage of 46 VNV Nation shows we opened. They will have traveled 23964 miles or 38566 km and will have passed through 12 Nations on two continents.  We are talking about our three backdrops.

The end of this tour will end a major episode in the story of our project, as well as it marks the end of important aspects of our personal lives.  We decided that the best thing we can do is to get rid of them, and what would be a better way then to sell them on the most trivial way we can Imagine: An auction on ebay.

We will prepare the auction during the coming days. Our 100th show in Las Vegas shall be the very last one where these banners are to be displayed. Stay tuned for updates on this.




3 comments to “BACKDROP SELLOUT!”

  • Dana Hernandez, 5 Mar ’12 at 06:38

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from your Rite Aid girl, King of Prussia mall, DANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 You bought Mucinex from my store and we saw your kickass show in Philadelphia……………………………………….hope that you guys are well!! My husband still talks about your show all the time!! I was going to call the weird foreign phone number to say hello, but was confused by it. LOL Why selling your backdrops? Are you guys ok? Hoping you both are alright! <3

    • -jl-, 10 Mar ’12 at 01:13

      Hey Dana! Of course we remember King of Prussia. We are well and don’t need the Mucinex this time. These Banners traveled long enough and they need to retire. They were icons of our Tour and when the Tour is over they loose their function and shall be replaced. We found it to be fitting to our Album Title “Mainstream Sellout Overground” to sell them.

  • The Backdrop Auction is on! | straftanz, 12 Mar ’12 at 22:28

    […] some of you my already know, the Backdrop Auction is on NOW and the first bids are in. Check it out here now: […]