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The second tour leg with VNV Nation here in the USA was a success for us so far. Sitting in Lawrence, Kansas being blessed with an additional day off that we didn’t really ask for.  Due to some construction work the whole of the venue was filled with a fine dust. Dink, our tour manager decided that this environment might be harmful to our audience and to us, so the VNV Nation show was postponed and basically ours was cancelled as it is very much unlikely for us to be able to make it back to the states for a single show. The good thing with being grounded in Lawrence is: It gives us a splendid opportunity to look back:

Our Backdrops were lost and came back to us. I fell down the stairs of the Castle in Dallas, made a new best friend in the process of falling, almost destroyed my left ankle and almost fully recovered until today. We met splendid people. Like Lisa, the Oh-God of bar-keeping: By combining pear with cinnamon she approached the dark art of happy brain damage with a smile. Luna gave us crutches so I felt a bit more secure when my ankle wasn’t really usable and  Marek turned out to be the first Astronomer in our fellowship. Astrid and Troy changed my emotional state towards Texas from the awkward feeling of an american South-Bavaria to the feeling of being welcome somewhere. Similar is true for Harley, Kandi and Eric. Actually we crossed the paths of too many cool people to mention here.

In New Orleans we saw a VNV Nation show, that had more bad humor and anarchic enthusiasm than we ever put on stage. Jackson with a pink wig, Ronan under a furry hat and Gabe collapsing due to intoxication is for sure a thing to remember. Visiting the grassy knoll in Dallas reenacted the feeling of an event that gave our parents the shivers back then in 1963. The hint of Madi Grass and the weird customs we experienced made this trip quite an adventure.

We are proud of our road so far. We are happy about the splendiferous audiences we played. Even though they were all pretty good for us, so far Tampa, Austin and quite surprisingly Colorado Springs stood out in power and loudness. Maybe we need a dB-Meter here.

This was the first half. And both Kai and me feel like the best part is yet to come.

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  1. David says:

    You guys are fantastic. My wife and I are HUGE fans since seeing you in Denver and again in Colorado Springs a couple days ago. I destroyed my voice during the show or I might have actually been able to talk to you at the end of the night instead of simply nodding and smiling like a fool while jl sang the lyrics of his new rock album.
    Anyway- success, mayhem and glory to you both and to all your next projects!

  2. Mark Balcerak says:

    Thanks for an amazing show last night in NYC!

    It was one of the few times an opener perfectly set the mood for a show.

    I think I’m 10 pounds lighter now after all that sweating.