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Bullshit Merchandise at the KuFa in Krefeld, Germany.

Yesterday at the KuFa in Krefeld I saw something seriously upsetting. Some Cogwheel-EBM guy sold T-Shirts that advocate to keep the scene clean from cyber-people. The idea of marking a group of this very festivals attendees as outsiders is bloody fucking bollocks. The method (see pictures) to associate cyber people with Nazis was additionally unsettling, so I decided to ask that person selling this bullshit whether he wanted THIS girl to leave this event (picked one randomly from the people passing by), whether he was comparing glowstick people with the nazi or the other way around. And which of these both HE would find to be worse.

Finding that persons mumblings and answers to be utterly lacking in form and content, I decided to express my opposition to his bloody bullshit excuse for festival-trash-merch clearly, loud and passionate right in his face.
People trying to push people out from a scene of deviants, because they don’t like their plastic hair are assholes and do not belong here.

Retarded Pricks. God fuck you all.



  1. markgraf says:

    Perfect. Thank you.

  2. josh says:

    You are awesome. I’m not 100% sure where you were when this happened, or the exact details of this association, but I’m glad you stood up for the fight against ignorance. The commercialization of intolerance is purely based in greed. Thank you.