It’s my first visit to the USA and I got to admit, that this is a rather surreal place for me. Everything around here seems to exist in it’s extreme. If it’s the rule of the Internet that whatever it is there a porn version of it, It seem there might be a something similar to be true for the USA: Whatever it is, there is an over-the-top-turbo++ version of it somewhere around the States. Buying a French communist magazine called “Le Bolschewik” on a regular Kiosk on the street added to that.

However, when I had a seat at a restaurant at Seattles Market and had some very much down to earth fish’n’chips with a glas of cider while looking at the clouded bay I felt real. I understood that I am on the other side of the world now and I felt like that I arrived.Β The gig and afterparty last night underlined that. 1000 people jumping after just 15 minutes. We did not feel like openers, we felt like being a headline show. Never before the feedback on a show of ours was that good. Most people seemed to perceive us as a gay couple (“Are you sure, you like pussy?” was asked twice.) and therefore compared us to Nitzer Ebb. We liked that.

Today we have a break for Thanksgiving and will raid into Salt Lake City tomorrow and we are looking forward to see you there. Luckily I’ll bring my own two bottles of -jl-fuel.*

*( For non americans: They prohibit stronger alcohol than 3% Vol. and water everything down to that point. Wine for cooking purposes is salted.)


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  • The Modular Diva, 12 Dec ’11 at 22:10

    Yeah, you guys rocked πŸ™‚ We had loads of fun for our pre T-Day partying. Had a blast chatting with you guys as well. I’ll be spinning some of your music tonight at the Noc Noc πŸ™‚

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