Triumph is more than just a visit to Haight Ashbury.

I had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream right at the corner of Haight Ashbury. In some way every chocolate chunk that gloriously melted on my tongue invoked a feeling of triumph and happiness. For the first time in months I felt like, that in some way I won. I made it all the way over to San Francisco just by doing something I sincerely love to do. A year and a month after Kai and me smashed a swedish CD after their Singer and Mastermind misbehaved I am standing at that Streetcorner that likely inspired him for his Band’s name. But that’s not what made me feel triumphant last night. I felt triumphant about seeing that our brainchild works 10000km from its home. That some people even get the pun in the show, just like we did when we first talked its concepts.

America, so far you showed us that we are welcome. Let’s see what is going to come.


4 comments to “Triumph is more than just a visit to Haight Ashbury.”

  • Das Klub, 23 Nov ’11 at 08:53

    Glad to see your are having a good time & seeing the sights in San Francisco. sincerely, Das Klub

  • Ella, 24 Nov ’11 at 10:37

    Hey, this is Ella. Met you tonight in Seattle. I was getting a photo with you when the rude guy, with no balls, asked all of us to move. I held my tongue. Thanks for your show. Love you guys.

  • Mongo400, 24 Nov ’11 at 20:34

    Saw you in Seattle last night- thank you for the awesome performance! Good luck on the rest of your tour!