We were so amazingly excited to finally play in Los Angeles. We got the flights, we got everything ready, well except for the visa. Well, actually we even did our part on that in time, the nice people in Frankfurt at the embassy told us things would work out fine, but in the end it did not. So we are still sitting in good old  germany waiting. Ronan did everything in his power to get this thing going anyway and against all odds we will finally hit US Soil this Friday, being in time for the show in San Diego.

So San Diego it is. Here Straftanz will start a soon to be legendary tour. For us San Diego will be the place where it all begins. See you there. We will make History.



3 comments to “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.”

  • Stefan Meier, 17 Nov ’11 at 00:03

    Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa schoen dass Ihr da seid … kann’s nicht erwarten Euch am Montag hier in San Francisco zu sehen !!!


  • Alison, 20 Nov ’11 at 23:51

    You guys were amazing in San Diego!!! Can’t wait to see you again in Los Angeles in March 2012. Praise the unicorn!

  • Stefan Meier, 22 Nov ’11 at 22:25

    Yeeesssssssss was fuer eine geile Show!! Ihr habt ‘ne Menge neue Fans gewonnen gestern!!

    Well Done!! 🙂

    – Stefan