Automatic Tour Journal Part 3.

Köln was quite amazing! Not only we had a very supportive local crew and the best catering I could imagine in a context as such: We were able to convince a large number of people of what we do, that definitely did not come to see us. Also meeting with These are the small victories with that extra dash of sugar and so today we roll towards Austria with an extra of confidence.

At the moment our red Fliewatüüt eats kilometer after kilometer of asphalt in the north of Koblenz while Vienna is coming closer every minute. With a mug of fresh coffee, pink glittering unicorn cake and uplifting hardtrance on the headphones I wait for Hendl and all the cool stuff yet to come.

During the next hours, I’ll see to slowly upload some pictures of yesterday’s event done by Jana to give you a proper overview. And impressions of the unicorn cake. Stay tuned.