Tour Diary. Chapter B.

After the Magdeburg Desaster and the bliss of Tilburg we are recovering in Köln at the Live Music Hall. While Tilburg was lots of fun with a great Audience in a wonderful location with very cool crew Magdeburg was overshadowed by the failing of the PA right at the beginning of our set. This was the first Straftanz show we needed to halt and abort after just three tracks. Even though it wasn’t on us, it felt rather awkward to hang on stage feeding main and two different backups into the PA while things get even worse. To sum it up: A horrible day, even though the Magdeburg audience was full of excellent people. Some even bought our CD, even though pity must have been the reason. No Tabasco Sauce at any of the local supermarkets so no bloody marry, a blown PA: We can’t work like that.

Today the game is about to change. Tabasco sauce was at the venue even before we arrived, the local lighting engineer looks like a hybrid between Krischan and me and everything seems splendid so far. We are looking forward to meet some friends tonight, such as Diana, the Designer of our Popcorn Skull, Eve Haas the singer of our Ballad and T-Shirt Designer. Also We’ll have our tabasco charged live setup with bass player C.C. Blacks from Pre/Verse. Yes, he also played the crazy guitar solo on “Monkey do, Monkey say” on our current Album.

Seriously, this night is ours. Hell Yeah. Be there in time, as at 19:15 we will rock this house. We are ready.

-jl-, straftanz.zk