Automatic Tour Day 3.

Except for Rene, Andre and me everyone at the bus sleeps. We are in Aachen right now, parked in front of a Holiday In hotel. The engines stopped and without proper power supply the air condition is turned of and so the bus turned silent, as if the machine itself was in a state of deeper slumber. In four hours we will take of towards Tilburg. Most likely I will not notice, as I am gong to be asleep when the bus is on its way. When I’ll wake up in a couple of hours, Aachen will have vanished and Tilburg will have appeared out of thin air. A good moment to reflect on the past days.

The first two shows went quite OK, actually even a little bit better we expected. We got a polite audience that played well with us, even though we saw bewilderment in some people’s eyes. I guess even those noticed until the end of the show, that we actually did not hurt them too much and agreed to join the party. We personalised the first copies of our new Album “Mainstream Sellout Overground” and people seemed to be befuddled but happy with that. The shadow of people steeling stuff from the VNV Nation backstage was luckily removed when we got word, that missing items were found.

Today we had our first off day on this tour, so KX and me used it, to spend our day at the Carolus bath in Aachen. After four hours of swimming and hanging out we at Straftanz feel so amazingly relaxed that we can still hardly move. People in Tilburg can expect us to be in top form tonight.

More on everything tomorrow.