We were Straftanz. We were without morale and discipline and yet people adored us when we sagaciously stated the wrong. We were the soft concrete that offered good rest for your weary brains. We pissed on graves to show you, that parables are sometimes parabolic.

At Resistanz 2014 we drank danced and died. We rest in unrest.

Es ist vorbei.


Artwork by Rachel Rogov http://rachelrogov.com/ Viele haben es offenbar nach 147 Tagen noch immer nicht mitbekommen: Straftanz ist tot. Es starb im Kreis seiner Familie in Sheffield im Norden Englands bei der besten Industrial Party der Welt. Das war wenig überraschend, denn die letzte Show wurde am 29.11.2013 angekündigt. Das …

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(R³) Resistanz-Recap-Revelation.


Germany. A Tuesday. "See you at one of the parties, then - maybe Zeche Carl next week?" she said as she was heading off. "I'd rather not", I replied. "I really don't wan't to go there anymore." She shrugged. "Maybe Eisenlager? Or Matrix?" - "No, definitely not. I can't afford all …

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We quit. Also we headline Resistanz Friday.


  The artistic concept of Straftanz is exhausted. Therefore we quit. To celebrate this measure of quality assurance we hereby announce to headline Resistanz Friday where we are going to fuck on the floor, break things and perform that one Straftanz show that we always wanted, that never was and …

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Straftanz Artwork. The Drafts.


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Straftanz: New logo and press photos. Download here.


Get the current Straftanz press picture here or click the picture below. Package also includes the logo in high resolution.

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Funker Vogt and the Holy Grail


For seldom has a video clip by an industrial band contained a layer of humor so exquisite. Funker Vogt’s video, “The Firm”, is a brilliant homage to the ingenious British movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. And even more so, it is a brave statement against gender stereotypes and …

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Why we do not believe in obedience.


All Cops Are Bastards, they say. That's shallow and it's not even original! And there ARE good cops and really cool people behind these uniforms and shit. Really! There are. There are nice people in the police and in the armed forces. Lovely, caring people, even what some call heroes …

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Sibylle Berg fragt. Wir antworten.

Wo, verdammt noch mal, sind die Verrückten? Das fragte Sibylle Berg in ihrer Spiegel Kolumne "Fragen Sie Frau Sibylle". Wir fragen gar nichts, aber gerne beantworten wir die Frage. Ich habe dort (beim Spiegel) das hier als Kommentar hinterlassen. Vielleicht seid ihr cool und macht das auch. Hey Sybille. Wir sind …

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Für einen Deutsch denkenden Deutschen klingst du wie ein bekiffter Hippie. Das schrieb Sami, als ich mich auf Facebook darüber wunderte, dass Deutsche, die diesen Blog verfolgen, häufig nicht ganz ernst nehmen wollen was ich da schreibe. "Der schreibt ja ganz gut, aber das kann er so nicht meinen." sagen die gerne. …

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An act of spiritual freedom.


  "In the face of contemporary pecksniffian anaesthesia we'll erect a whole gallery of forebears, heros who carried on the struggle against bad consciousness but still knew how to party, a genial gene pool, a rare and difficult category to define, great minds not just for Truth but for the truth …

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This is what straftanz is about.


I, will no longer depend on anyone to entertain me. I am going for the people, the music, the atmosphere and the experience. I will talk to strangers. I will increase my happiness by spreading happiness among others. I will dress up. I will not behave.

Tonight I will be legendary and I swear to escalate everything.

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Video shoot at Resistanz 2013


Some might have asked about the aftermath of the 168h internship week and its output. We are ready to reveal the first part today. The second part will be recorded in Sheffield at Resistanz Festival and finally presented with the first track of our upcoming Album. Easter Sunday 5AM a chosen …

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